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“I've had a two big long term relationships in the past. Even thought I'm still excited about meeting new people, I'm not looking for anything long term at the moment. If you can understand where I'm coming from and are okay with it, then we should get along great!” - DevilInBlonde
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“Happily married couple looking to see if there are any women out there interested in being a very welcome third wheel. We're just open-minded and trusting people looking to get some excitement in our relationship, if you're looking for a some fun too, feel free to send us a message!” - ThirdWheelFun
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“My job has me travelling in and out of the city a lot, so I'm not looking for anything too serious. Just some a fun women who wants to go have a good time a few days out of the month. But if after a few times we find we're hitting it off great, I'm not opposed to getting a little more serious it you are. Guess I'm just looking for someone willing to take it as it comes.” - GentlemanCowboy


A poll taken last year by users of some of the top Online Dating Sites stated that over fifty percent of them feel like they may have missed out on true love because they couldn't make the time to sit by their computer. We understand. It's a busy world. People don't have time to sit at home for hours and hours looking through dating profiles in the hope of finding that special someone. We heard you loud and clear, and we've found a way to make it easier for you the BedroomFix.com mobile app. Now you can take your fix everywhere you go. Whether you're looking to hook-up with someone special for a long term relationship, or you just want to find a one night stand with someone who gets you hot and bothered the BedroomFix mobile app makes it possible wherever you are! Want to check out that hot girl on your lunch break? Now you can! Want to make a date with that sexy stud at your favorite bar after work? It's easier than ever! With our mobile app (downloadable on our mobile app page) you can do everything and anything you can do on your computer, on your phone! Browse profiles from our thousands of members! See who's online when you're online! Send and receive private messages with anyone you want to meet! Seriously, getting your fix has never been easier. So head over to our mobile page and download the app now!



image descritpionXXXBrownEyedAngelXXX

Everyone was telling me I'd never find anyone online, so I never really bothered looking. But I got tired of seeing all the same boring guys at all the clubs, and things weren't looking so good. Then a friend on facebook told me to try BedroomFix so I thought I'd give it a shot and I am so glad I did. The guys and girls on BedroomFix are a BLAST. I never thought I could have this much fun. It's a totally no-pressure situation, but that doesn't mean things don't get crazy ;).

image descritpionMyFriendsCallMeMaybe

The dating scene can be a rough place, I know. You gotta know the right clubs, wear the right clothes to get into those clubs, then once you finally get in there you realize it's just full of clueless guys like you. You get tired of it, really fast. But BedroomFix is anything but boring! Every hookup is different and fun! No games, no garbage just two people looking for the same thing and having a great time doing it. Signing up was easily the best decision I've made in a long time I haven't wasted my time and money at a club in months.

image descritpionWavFormModulator

I'm a touring DJ, and I find myself travelling across the world in a different city almost every night. But when you're in a club every night, you can quickly get tired of the same types of girls you meet there. Sure, they look great, and being a DJ I get them coming up to me all the time, but they usually have no personality, and it really comes across in bed. But ever since I started hooking up online, I've found fun girls with amazing personality who don't hold anything back. It's been a great change of scenery from the empty head of blonde hair and lip gloss I'm used to.

image descritpionAllAboutTheFunFunFun

I guess it's pretty common, but we didn't know what to expect when we first signed up. We'd just assumed that the kind of people who hooked up on the internet were a little weird, but now that we've done it we feel like we're their weird ones for not doing it earlier. The people we've met on here are AWESOME. And even if we don't hit it off right away, we usually end up being completely cool with each other. It's better than we would have ever thought. One guy we hooked up with even recommended us to an old girlfriend of his! Why isn't everyone doing this!?

We take the hassle and worry out of hooking up

Did you know the primary reason people stop using online dating services is the fact they just get overwhelmed with needless options and questions? We are the number one Adult Dating Site on the web for a reason we're dedicated to taking the hassle and confusion out of hooking up online. Believe us, we're just like you, and we know what you want a one stop shop for the best casual sex you will ever find. But we also know what you don't want. At BedroomFix, you wont find endless pages of questions and answers that nobody has the time to fill out correctly anyway. You won't find fuzzy, out of focus pictures taken way too close too tell if someone is actual who they say they are. You won't find profiles where people hold back what they really want. BedroomFix is here to make things simple and fun so you'll be on your way to hooking up faster than any competitors site. We live in a busy time. Who has the time to fill out pages and pages of profile information? We know why you're here we don't care about needless personal stuff like where you grew up and what school you went to. With us, we've streamlined our sign up process, and we make it as simple as possible. Not only that, we ensure our members present themselves at their best notifying them if their photos and supporting information can be improved to get the most enjoyable experience possible for them and the BedroomFix community. Lastly, you wont find anyone holding back on BedroomFix. Our members believe that honesty isn't just the best policy in life - it's also best in bed!


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Open-poll studies in American and the UK have shown that our society has put a ridiculous amount of pressure on finding the perfect relationship as soon as possible and that pressure gets in the way of all relationships, whether you're trying to find a one night stand or looking for something long term. But we at BedroomFix like to embrace the opposite approach. Our system allows you to move at your own pace you won't feel any needless pressure with us! Just sign up, and log in whenever you want. Don't feel like meeting anyone one night don't worry. With BedroomFix you won't have to worry about that annoying girl or guy from the bar calling you and asking you to grab a drink. Our members are just like you, and they know the game. So use us a lot if you're feeling especially frisky, and not so much if you're feeling a little shy it's entirely up to you! Because that's really what we're all about giving you the best casual sex dating site possible. But the proof is in trying it for yourself so why not take a look around and give us a try? 100% of our members agree you won't regret it!

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image descriptionTouchDontLook

Fit, curvy, attractive girl looking for the same for some casual play in the evenings and weekends. I've been with girls in the past, so I know what I'm getting into and I expect the same out of you. Not looking for any games or drama, just someone hot to work off some steam after work. Sorry if I'm coming across a little harsh I just know what I want and if you know what you want too it makes everything a lot more fun! Talk to you soon girls!

image descriptionSharingIsCaring69

Hey Everyone! We're just a fun, attractive (we think so anyway) couple looking for the same for some bedroom fun! We're both straight and not looking to experiment in any way, so ideally we're looking for another couple who we click with that just want to swap partners. Right now we're just looking for a one-time deal to see how we feel about it, but if everything goes well it could turn into something ongoing. Sexy searching!

image descriptionNoDaddysGirl112233

I know this is the type of place you go fi you want to find a one night stand, but that's not really what I'm looking for. Honestly, I don't have a lot of experience, and I am hoping to find a couple of guys who are up to teaching a girl a few things for some ongoing fun. I'm a sweet, passionate girl, and I'm looking for the same! If you want to teach me, I promise I'll be a good student! But if you want, it might be more fun if I was a bad student

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