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“I'm an active, sexual 28 year old woman looking for a sexy couple to have some fun with throughout the week. Doesn't have to be exclusive or anything, just looking for anyone looking for a good time. Please be non-smokers and DD Free. ” - TemptingBrunette
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“Sexy young blonde looking to fulfill one of her fantasies of having sex with a mans wife while he watches. The man can sit in the corner and jerk off, but he's not allowed to touch me or his wife just watch. Athletic couples under 30 only please. Wont respond to requests over 30 and out of shape.” - Dramarama69
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“Amateur dominatrix into leather and latex play who wants to humiliate a couple in front of each other. Open palm spanking only. Must be willing to submit. Size and age doesn't matter.” - Domination4U


Being with the same partner for a long time can really put a damper on your sex life but it's not your fault or your partners. In fact, in America right now only 20% of all couples in long term relationships report that they are content with their sex lives. Sexologists agree that because we are inherently limited to our own experiences, we can unfortunately only bring so much action to the bedroom once we decide to settle down with one partner. So, it's not that sex with the same person becomes boring, it's simply that you get comfortable in a routine of what works' and stop discovering things about each other. One of the best ways to combat this stagnation in the bedroom and to start having the best casual sex of your lives is to invite another person into bed with you! An injection of new blood in your relationship works to not only teach you new things about your partner, but also to teach your partner new things about yourself. And it's not cheating if you're both having sex with the other person, is it? So sign up to BedroomFix now - we're the Adult Dating Site that puts the power back in your bedroom!

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image descritpionFunWithThr33

My husband and I both love each other a lot, and we didn't want the fact we both wanted to have sex with other people ruin our relationship. BedroomFix was the perfect answer to that problem! We've had a great time bringing another girl into the bedroom for some amazing no strings attached sex! I think we're stronger as a couple because of it.

image descritpionm0r3th3m3rry

My wife and I have always believe the secret to a strong relationship is an open relationship, but once we both started working full time we never had the same opportunities to explore that we once had. She suggested we a free adult dating site, and thank god we did! The girls we've met on here are a ton of fun and we've had them back over and over again! It's been a blast!

image descritpionHappyCouple1987

When my boyfriend first asked if he could bring another girl into the bedroom I was a little put off, but now that we've done it a few times I can't believe the sex we're having. If any couples out there is looking to have the best casual sex experience of their lives, I would definitely tell them to give bringing another girl into the mix a chance. It's a completely unforgettable experience.

image descritpionDarkL0v3rs

I was definitely excited when my boyfriend told me I could bring another girl into the bedroom, but the sex we've been having has blown all of my expectations out of the water. Bringing another girl into the room has even made him a better lover when it's just the two of us! It's been the most fun either of us have had since we started dating each other!

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The problem with most Adult Dating Sites on the web right now is that they like to think they know what's best for you. They take pride in the fact they feel like they know who will be a prefect fit for you and your needs. But in the end all that happens is you take over-long and boring surveys and questionnaires asking you the same personal questions about your live and previous dating habits, then they throw it in their system and a short list of who they think are your best matches comes out the other end all the while ignoring other profiles that might be the perfect match for you! BedroomFix puts that power back into your hands. We give you the tools necessary to look through as many profiles as you want to, never censoring any of the results because we think it's something you wouldn't be interested in. You can control the scope of who you want to look at the choice is always in your hands. Because we know that you're the only person who can make those kind of decisions for yourself, and only you really know who is right for you. At BedroomFix we let you bring the power back into the bedroom.


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We're all about the three "C"s: Connections, Convienience, and a Casual Environment

At BedroomFix we stand by our Three C system Convenience, Connections, and a Causal Environment. While other Adult Dating Sites relay on a broad and indecisive search algorithm, our convenient members database allows users to search each other out by way of sexuality, gender, relationship status, age, body type, race, and a variety of other parameters. All of which leads our members to find the perfect matches for each other and connect to someone they are truly attracted to. And to ensure the process is as welcoming as possible, we allow for the whole process to take place in a casual, no-rush environment. And it's through sticking to the three C system that we've quickly proven to be the best casual sex dating site around; because at BedroomFix we're dedicated to putting the fun back in your bedroom!

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image descriptionTeachMePlease

Looking to be the other girl' for a couple. Completely NSA just want to have some fun and act out a few things I've always wanted to try. It my first time doing anything like this, so please be clean and courteous. Althletic/slim couples under 40 only please.

image descriptionFun4Every1

Hyper-sexual, curvy, single girl looking for a couple to share a bed. Your place or mine, doesn't matter. You must be under 35, slim/athletic (a few extra pounds might be okay), and have an open mind. I'll respond to everyone ASAP. Bye!

image descriptionNot2Innocent

Slim, young, and blonde lesbian looking to try a little something extra in my love life, but still want a girl around to keep the mood up. If you're a hot guy and girl under 30, send me a message. Please don't waste my time I will not respond to anything else. Thanks!