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“Just a nice guy looking for the same. I love animals and hope you do too. I have an adorable pitbull named Nicky who pretty much runs my house. I'm looking for someone free-spirited and funny, so if you're looking for a nice guy who likes cooking, why not give me a try?” - MrFixIt9966
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“Hi ladies! Nice, well-read, polite, athletic guy here looking for something ongoing, but not necessarily long term. I'm not looking for a just a hook-up, I believe there's got to be a spark there for any real fun to happen! I'm also really turned on by women who know what they want in life. If you're athletic, fit, goal-oriented and between 20-32, I'd like to hear from you.” - HighOnFire69
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“Just a good guy looking for to give someone a good time. My ideal woman is between 25-35 (sorry, not looking to give lessons to any girls), not afraid to be herself around new people, and doesn't have to find a reason to be in shape. Someone who is just as much at home at a concert as she would be spending the night youtube videos. If you're interested, hit me up!” - PartyOverHere


When we asked women what the number one problem they had with men approaching them at bars and clubs the overwhelming response was this: they will say anything to get you in their bed. In other words, they lie, and they will continue to pile on the lies until you wind up spending the night together. So the real issue at hand is women just can't trust a man's intentions when he approaches them out of the blue. Because guys at club aren't trying to find someone special they're just trying to find a one night stand. But here's something you probably didn't know ladies want to know the easiest way to get a guy to tell you the truth? Put a computer in front of him. A recent ongoing study by the department of Psychology at Standford University has found that men actually feel LESS inclined to lie on Adult Dating Sites than other places on the web. The study concluded that because the intentions of an Adult Dating Site are already clear (after all, who else would go there except adults looking for a some sexy action), men don't feel the need to invent ulterior motives. They become much more confident with themselves, and more inclined to be truthful in their needs and what they can provide for a woman. In other words, because we've gotten rid of the game, there is no game to be played! So I guess that means not only is BedroomFix a great place to get the best casual sex online, it's also a great place to have an honest conversation! How much more convincing do you need! What's holding you back, you can sign today and start meeting honest men right now!

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image descritpionYourShiningStar83

I never used to trust online dating. I always used to think all the profiles were fake, and they were just trying to get you to pay a subscription or something. But after a few friends told me to give it a shot, I went for it and now I can't even remember what my life was like before. I'm able to meet fantastic guys and go on the best dates I've ever been on. This whole experience has been almost too good to be true. I keep waiting for someone to wake me up, but it hasn't happened yet!

image descritpionInkAndSexxx

This site is a BLAST! It's like going to a bar that only lets in the guys you want! When I used to go out, I'd get creeps hitting on me all the time. 90% of the time they just think you're flirting with them and they don't get the hint. It's the worst. But here, you only talk to the guys you want, and then if you feel like there's something happening, you can hook-up! It's all the fun without the BS and I can't get enough of it. I've met the hottest guys I've ever been with thanks to this site. I only wish I would have known about it sooner!

image descritpionPrncssAnastasia89

I was never really the bar/club type, so after school ended I found it a lot harder to find good guys. After my sister met her boyfriend online, I thought I might as well give a dating site a try and I am so glad I did. It's so much fun going out every weekend and meeting great people. This decision has definitely turned the weekends from just another day to the highlight of my week!

image descritpionDarkEyesBrightHeart

The kind of guys I'm used to meeting at bars are usually all show they'll say whatever they think you want to hear until they take you home and then their mask comes off. Once I started going online to meet men my whole outlook changed. It's a great place where people can just be honest with each other and say what their looking for and with thousands of people in their database you know their going to find them! It's almost too good to be true, but it is!

There's no longer a reason to worry about online dating

You want to know the biggest secret about women and Adult Dating sites? Almost all of you use them you just don't talk about it! That's right, dating sites are everywhere, and everyone is on them, but most of society still tries to pretend they've never heard of them. Well ladies, I'm here to tell you there is no longer any reason to worry about dating online. Not only are your co-workers, your neighbors, and your family doing it, but statistics show it's actually a much safer way to hook up! Because you're in your own home, you're not affected by outside influences such as alcohol, temperature, noise, sleep deprivation, or visual distractions. By freeing yourself from these distractions and influences, you're able to use a great sense of judgment when choosing who you might feel like meeting. And since both you and prospective man know what each other is looking for, there is no needless dancing around the truth neither of you are looking to convince the other that they are a good fit, you're actually just looking for a real connection. And when you actually do meet your potential man, you do so on your own terms; which means you don't have to find yourself in a club struggling to hear what he has to say, you can go for a coffee, a movie, or a bite to eat. In fact, due to the fact each of you are meeting on your own terms, first impressions tend be better because both of you are more relaxed. And members have told us this casual meeting environment doesn't just lead to some great casual sex it can also lead to lasting friendships! So what are you still so nervous about sign up now!


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Remember ladies, the best part about the BedroomFix experience is that it's a go at your own pace' system. You may be looking through hundreds of profiles of hot and sexy guys right now, but that doesn't mean you have to get out and see them all tonight! Never forget that we're an adult dating site designed to fit to your needs and your schedule - so you don't have to make any moves until you're sure you want to make them. Pick times and schedule dates that are convenient to your calendar. Because after all, how are you going to have the best casual sex of your life if you feel like your pressuring yourself ? Exactly you can't. So for the best experience, take it at your own pace; search our Database of thousands to find hot men you want to connect with; use our instant messaging service to chat with them in real time if they're online; or, if you the especially brave sort of person, talk with them in full video on your computer's webcam! And when you've decided that you're ready, pick a time and place to meet up in the real world! Because no matter who you're looking to hook up with, BedroomFix is here to make it as easy, fun, and hot as possible!

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image descriptionLoveBuildsLife

Hi! Looking for a girl who is fun, loves life, and above all else is honest. Family is a really important to me, and I expect the same thing from whoever I'm seeing. I work hard, like to keep in shape, own a car, and am looking for the same in a woman (you don't have to own a car though). Being cute doesn't hurt either :) Send me a message if you're interested.

image descriptionLadyKillr27

Tired of playing games with all the women I know. Looking for a girl who isn't afraid to say what she wants or hear what I want. You must love being romanced and feeling special. Must love getting presents when you least expect them. Must love having an unforgettable time in the bedroom. Must love hearing the words is incredible after I say your name. If you love all of these things, then I would love to be your man. Send me a message and if I think we match I'd love to get back to you.

image descriptionEZGoing1986

Looking for a lazy who likes to dance, looks sexy no matter what she wears, is good hearted, and doesn't take life to seriously. We're all just here to have fun, and my woman needs to feel the same. Not into any games. Not looking for anything long term, but if we're feeling each other than I'm good letting it happen. Bonus points if you love to smile.