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“Clean, well-mannered, athletic, professional guy looking for the same. Must take care of yourself and be independent. I'm looking to hookup with someone from 20-35, well built, any race, for some semi-ongoing dating/play. Full body profile pics a must.” - TotalProCub
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“Geeky, professional, fun-loving guy looking for someone for a not-so-serious ongoing relationship. If you're into gaming it's a big plus. If not, that's alright too, but don't be annoyed if I wanna play them (big problem in my last relationship). Otherwise, I like going to the movies, shows, and cons. Average build, mid-20s looking for the same (any race).” - Gay&Geeky1983
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“Nice guy, just got out of a serious long-term relationship looking to meet new people as soon as possible. Music is big in my life. I'm usually playing it (I'm in a band that tours locally) or going to a show. Definitely not looking for anything to serious, just wanna have fun. Hit me back if you're interested.” - AllHardcore0001


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image descritpionKeepinItCool69

The bar scene has the same guys all the time all sitting around pretending their listening to you, but all of them have nothing to say. That's why I go to BedroomFix. Not only is it easily the best casual sex site online, it's also a place where you can really find out about somebody before you hook up with them. The message feature here is fantastic. It's definitely brought a lot of fun back to my nights!

image descritpionShowMeYours666

When I'm looking to hookup online, BedroomFix is the only place I try. The guys here are hot, and there's no screwing around with endless texts and talk. It's right to the point. Honestly, ever since I started using BedroomFix I rarely set foot inside a bar. Why bother when you get everything you're looking for online? I definitely recommend it.

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My job is incredibly demanding, and I don't have a lot of time to go out and meet people, which is why something like BedroomFix is absolutely essential for any kind of intimacy in my life. Whenever I need to work through some stress, or if I'm just tired of working for the day, I can just jump on BedroomFix and send a quick message someone I connect with and see if they're up for grabbing a drink and maybe a little more. It's a workplace must!

image descritpionSleek&Stylish4U

Even when you're at a bar or a club, you still never quite know what you're going to get when you're looking for a guy. Which is why I love BedroomFix. It's the go-to place for finding the hottest guys who want to play around instead of just screwing around. You can really get a feel for who you're talking to, and you don't have to worry about fuzzy pictures and crappy webcams it's perfect.

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image descriptionCome&GetIt

Black cub looking for a nice guy for some ongoing fun. I prefer guys smaller than me (I'm 6'2, 220lbs), who are in shape take care of themselves. My ideal guy has to be just as controlling as I am in bed and like to take charge. Who knows, if I like you I might let you. I'm big on privacy and you should be too.

image descriptionPapaBear35

I've got a big-heart and a positive attitude and I'm looking for someone with the same lust for life as I have. Looks don't matter to me and they shouldn't matter to you either, just what's inside. Just looking for a fun time right now, maybe a few dates to see how we work. If you're interested, send me a message.

image descriptionLessons2Learn1983

Pretty average guy here. Like to keep my finger on the pulse of the city, but doing this cause I'm getting a little tired of hitting the bars every night. Currently employed as a web designer at an advertising company. I try to keep myself career oriented and I'm looking for someone as equally driven. Ideally I'm looking for someone mid-20's to mid-30's who lives a healthy life and doesn't let the bad things get them down.