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“We're a happy, cute couple who are looking for another girl to join in some kinky fun. We'd prefer someone curvy (a few extra pounds is fine!), under 30, and likes to role play. Send us a message if you're interested!” - DynamiteDu0
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“Happy couple who've been in a loyal long term relationship are looking to shake things up a bit and have some fun with a cute, slender, clean girl between the ages of 25 and 35. We don't do anything too wild yet, but we'll see where we wind up! Message if interested.” - 4Ever2Gether9999
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“Young couple looking for an older, experienced woman (25 to 35) to act as a sexual mentor and teach us a few kinky lessons. Anywhere slim to a full-figured is fine, but the most important thing is your experience. We've very serious message us if you think you're the one!” - DirtySecretzz


Did you know that 2 out of every 3 men and women polled have stated that the most exciting and memorable sexual experiences they've had have been with partners they've met online? We all know the Internet is a place to throw your inhibitions out the window, and we bring that very same attitude to BedroomFix. With us, you don't have to worry about being judge for any special kink you may have, because if we've learned anything by doing this as long as we've been doing it, we've learned that if you've got a special kink, there's someone else out there who has the same one. And that's one of the best things about using an Adult Dating Site like us you don't have to wait for that perfect moment to awkwardly ask your partner if their into something, you can just mention it in your profile and wait for people to come to you! It couldn't get any easier, so why not give it a shot!

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image descritpionBrown&Beautiful1989

After I finished school I realized that I spent too much time hitting the books and not enough time hitting on other people. So I took to the internet and when I looked for a place to find a one night stand, BedroomFix came up. And then I came a few times. I've finally been able to experience what I felt was missing in my life and I'm telling all of my friends. This place is for real!

image descritpionLilMissSinister666

I like it when things get a little kinky, and I like it more when there's more than one person to share it with. The couples I've met here are everything you could ever want. The girls are sexy, the guys are built, and everyone is just looking to have a good time. It's a great, non-judgmental place to just let your hair down and have some hot and adult fun it's the best!

image descritpionHotSexyBustyMama

I like to explore my limits sexually and BedroomFix has proven time and time again to be the best place to do it. The couples are always hot, ready, and respectful of what you are looking for. I've never been so comfortable naked than I have with the people I've met on BedroomFix! I can't wait until I find that special someone and we can bring a girl into our room too!

image descritpionBootyBeauty84

I love to be satisfied, and the only times I've found complete satisfaction is with the couples I've met on this site. We always know what each other is looking for and it gives us a great starting point to take the experience further than any of us could have imagined. This is the Adult Dating Site I was looking for 10 years ago I'm just happy it's finally here.

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Sick and tired of spending all your money and time at the club trying to find a one night stand only to end the night at home alone with a few less dollars in your pocket? Believe us we've been there. Which is exactly why we got together with friends that are sick of the same thing and started BedroomFix the best way for you to stop wasting your nights at the bar and start hooking up now! We have an enormous database of users that will cater to anything you're looking for: one night stands, threesomes, friends with benefits, swingers, casual encounters, and much, much more. Even though we're relatively new, we've already managed to develop quite the reputation for ourselves and we're ready to bring you the sexiest and horniest singles and couples that can't wait to have sex with you tonight! So why not stop wasting your own time and money? BedroomFix is your one-stop shop for the best casual sex you'll ever find online! Stop going home alone and start filling your bed now!

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image descriptionCharmedLife5656

Happily married couple looking to try something new! My wife and I have always wanted to have sex with another girl, but never had the opportunity until now. Any size and any race, just be 25-35 years old! Happy travels!

image descriptionItsJustUs2

We generally a quiet and I hate to say it vanilla couple in a sexual rut and we thought we'd go for something completely unexpected and invite another girl in our bed! Not looking for anyone specific, just someone respectful and looking to have fun!

image descriptionMiles0hSmiles

My beautiful girlfriend wants to go down on another girl and wants me to watch and jerk off. We can have fun ourselves when she's done, but only if you're up for it (no pressure). Be hot, fit, and under 30. Look forward to meeting you.